Statistically, home schooled children learn much more than public school children and are much better prepared for college.  We just keep throwing money at a problem with abysmal results.  So here is my idea to help solve several problems at once.  Say a state pays 10k a year to educate a child.  I propose that qualified home school moms and dads be allowed to take in as many kids in the neighborhood that choose to sign up.  Pay the parent or parents teaching 6k per child, pay 2k to the school they were going to attend and the state saves 2k.  There are many companies that would donate or sell at cost computers and internet connections for those of modest means.  Testing can be done through proctors, like we had when we took our SATs.  With computers you can even hire someone to monitor the classes, which the state should do.  If a child is sick and stays home, they could still follow the curriculum and not fall behind with programs like SKYPE.  I strongly believe that children should be computer literate in this day and age, especially inner city kids.  There have been questions of fraud being brought up, but I believe there are solutions for that, too.

The result would be 1) The state would save money   2) The school would have more money per child to spend 3) Smaller class sizes 4) Some unemployed parents can be at home, provide a service to the community and make a living 5) The child would get a better education (statistically speaking), more individual attention, social skills and a chance to graduate early.  6)  Hopefully, less teachers and their unsustainable benefit packages 7) Choice for people who cannot afford to have one.

Also, if a child does graduate early, say one year early, then they should get 5k from the state to go to further their education, whether it be college or a trade school.  Home schooled children should also be allowed to participate in extracurricular activities like band or sports.  Transportation would be the parent’s responsibility.

Also, teachers are unable to discipline kids in fear of being sued or fired.  Teachers spend 80% of their time on 10% of the students.  I propose two ideas 1) Have college students, studying to be teachers, hold small classes for unruly students.  The children might do better with a little more one on one attention and the full time teacher will not be distracted from actually teaching.  Compensate the student teachers with interest free loans or free class credits for providing this service.  2)  Hold parents responsible for their children’s behavior.  If you make a parent pick up trash or paint the school one Saturday a month, trust me, the parent will pay more attention to behavior modification.

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