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Tort Reform


Tort reform is a must on so many levels.  The most common profession our political representatives share is the law.  A free society needs these professionals, but abuse of their power helps to manipulate the masses and line the lawyer’s pockets.  If you think about it, what are lawyers trained to do?  They are trained to produce arguments only.  What is worse is they are bound by law to defend their clients even if they are guilty.  They don’t develop new products, defend our country, heal the sick, teach children, build bridges or grow crops.  I remember when the tobacco industry was sued for hundreds of billions for putting addictive substances and chemicals into their product.  Lawyers made the lion’s share of this lawsuit and the tobacco companies were not required to remove these harmful substances.  That is just one example, but my point is made.  We cannot compete with the price of health insurance from state to state because of the laws they have created.  Lobbyists and the need for our politicians to get their campaign donations should share the blame, too.  I suggest that a lawyer receives his share of a lawsuit that is over and above the settlement, instead of receiving as much as 40% of the verdict.  Laws that hinder free market competition from state to state should be abolished, also.  A company or individual should also be held responsible for criminal behavior or malfeasance, but the outrageous sums should be limited.  I suggest that when an individual sues that the amounts be limited to five times their projected lifetime salaries, home paid for, continued medical care funded and their children’s education paid for.  This will help cut the incentive of so many frivolous lawsuits that cripple our industries.  Now, there is a good argument to be made that just settling a suit is more financially viable than correcting the problem they are accused of.  This problem can be addressed with further economic penalties until the company corrects their mistakes or are out of business.  Lawsuits are also driving up the cost of healthcare.  Drs run many unnecessary medical tests to avoid lawsuits.

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