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Government employees and their benefits

“The world is a dangerous place, not because of those who do evil, but because of those who look on and do nothing.”  Albert Einstein

Ok I’ll say it.  Unions and their unsustainable benefit packages are destroying us.  It takes seven to eight comparable private sector jobs to support one government employee.  There is incredible abuse of government employee contracts.  For example, the West Palm Beach, Fl police department is guaranteed an 8% return on their 401k investment plus a pension.  This is unsustainable in the private sector when a bank deposit will not even return a 2% profit.  Who pays the difference?  The taxpayers do.  Or when a civil servant works 20 years and then retires, only to get another pension when he or she gets another government job.  Not applicable in the real world and it shouldn’t be the same for government work.  When a comparable government job pays more than the private sector job, this is even more unfair to the citizens that pay their salaries.  Another abuse of the system is that many Civil Servant’s contracts determine their future pensions on how much they made the last year they worked.  A common practice is to overload the employee with massive overtime their last year so their lifetime pension will increase dramatically.  Who pays for this abuse?  You guessed it, we do.

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